50 Best Home Improvement Blogs 2016


Air-Conditioning-Edmonton.ca is proud to present to you 50 Best Home Improvement Blogs 2016. Although this is the first year that we have produced a list, we plan to do this every year. So, if you come across a home improvement blog that you like, send it to us so that we can review it. You never know – we may like it so much that we add it to next year’s list.

There is nothing scientific about how we selected the top 50 list, and they are not in any particular order. We just really, really liked these blogs whether we found them fascinating, unique or extremely informative. So without further ado, here is our list of the best home improvement blogs for 2006. Enjoy!

The Top 50 Home Improvement Blogs 2016

One of the biggest recommendations made to a homeowner is getting multiple bids when having work done on your property. The benefits of doing so are far reaching but mostly include making sure the costs are relatively similar and guaranteeing that the majority of the companies recommend the same fix. Along the same lines of getting ‘many eyes’ on a project, here are 50 home improvement blogs to scour in 2016 for a variety of DIY fixes, tips, trends, and more.

  • Home Improvement IdeasHouseblogs.net – Not necessarily a single blog, but a whole network of blogs from experts in a wide variety of fields. Houseblogs works as kind of a news reader or a timeline in providing a range of posts whether they be DIY projects and tips, items for sale, or a wide variety of other home improvement related content.
  • Retro Renovation – Contains a focus on the kitchen and bathroom but also includes a bevy of information on restoring other rooms of the home to a vintage, mid-century look. The site features a nice mix of full renovation examples such as an 80’s kitchen restoration all the way down to incredibly detailed projects such as creating glass floats for a home tiki bar.
  • Ask the Builder – A weekly newsletter with timely topics such as last minute tool gift ideas or seasonal projects. Includes videos, reviews, before & afters, and an “Ask Tim” feature for answers to specific home improvement questions.
  • Bob Vila – The quintessential icon of home improvement, Bob Vila also lends his name to a blog updated multiple times daily. The site is quite diverse with homeowner guides for finding contractors, DIY tips, going green ideas and much, much more.
  • This Old Crack House – A great blog example that shows ‘anything is possible’ as two renovators document fixing up an old log house turned farmhouse turned hotel turned crackhouse turned home.
  • Remodelaholic – A blog run by a couple who describes their ideal date as ‘ripping out a wall’. The site is very resourceful with very detailed posts such as 25 ways to makeover a fireplace or 100 interior wall painting ideas – giving the homeowner plenty of options.
  • Pretty Handy Girl – Site contains a focus on how to improve the interior of the home (specifically in the design niche) but is also very resourceful with information such as how to repair a leaky faucet or a caulk gun tutorial.
  • Inhabitat – A very informative blog updated multiple times daily with quality posts not only about the home, but also the environment, technology, and architecture in general. Works almost as a more-detailed Pinterest with in-depth posts explaining reusing concrete pipes in outdoor décor or creative furniture pieces for studio apartments.
  • Curbly – The first thing noticed when visiting this site is how user-friendly it appears with large, easy-to-read posts and categories. The site focuses on DIY, organization, and home makeovers but also features a crackerjack section about hacks for IKEA products.
  • Green Living Ideas – As the name implies, this blog deals with all things making your home green from maintenance tips to décor to saving energy to going organic and much more. Worth checking out regularly if anything just for their contest links such as a trip to Abu Dhabi or a Tesla electric car.
  • Young House Love – A regularly updated blog created by Sherry and John, a young couple who transformed their house over seven years. They revisit what they did, how they did it, and offer tips and tricks to those who may be in the same boat.
  • Funky Junkers – Donna, who runs the blog, takes ordinary “junk” and transforms it into useful items that improve the value of her home. She details how you can do the same such as a pallet chair or reclaimed wood signage and all for pennies, preferring the term ‘upcycle’ instead of recycle.
  • Vintage Revivals – A blog that is very pleasant to look at with sections that include projects, room reveals, tours, DIY, and more. With a classy elegance, the blog resembles a magazine or fashion advertisement but in a very cool aesthetics.5
  • Beautiful Kitchens – The must stop shop for all things kitchens from ideas, case studies, planning, and products as well as a directory of distributors and contractors. Updated regularly and relevantly such as 2016 kitchen trends or last minute gift ideas for foodies.
  • Moonworks Home Improvement Blog – A versatile blog that reads like a newspaper with posts uploading depending on the time of year such as New Year’s Resolutions for Your Homeor Cold Weather Renovations.
  • Home Stories A to Z – A DIY blog created from Beth’s point of view – a wife and mother of two with experience in renovating apartments and homes. She offers many design and organizing tips but also info such as DIY projects that improve the home’s value.
  • The Art of Doing Stuff – Created by Karen, a Canadian TV host who dubs herself a ‘fixer’. She tackles projects both planned and as they arise which creates an eclectic mix on her site such as turning basement stairs into storage or switching a room from the color red to white.
  • Handyguys Podcast – A multimedia blog that serves almost like an online TV show. Users can download the podcast or watch helpful videos related to projects depending on the season such as frost free exterior faucet repair or installing a doggie door on an exterior door.
  • Remodelista – Professional looking blog that is apt for the whole home including bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, offices, outdoor spaces and more. Includes sections with photographs for inspiration as well as remodeling stories from around the globe.
  • Shelterrific – A site dedicated to, as they put it, not homemaking but home-loving. Geared towards improving your home in regards to design, decorating, cooking, entertaining, organizing, gardening, and more.
  • One Project Closer – A comprehensive site that provides versatility as it follows professional remodelers from job to job, creating step-by-step guides of their work along the way. The site also includes other useful content such as tool reviews and home improvement coupons.
  • DIY Diva – Chronicles the life of a tool-enthusiast farm girl as she renovates a 150-year-old farmhouse and the surrounding property. Kit has spent over a decade restoring homes and shares her stories in an authentic way with many before & after comparisons.
  • Fix It Chick – Advice coming from an expert in the area of home design renovation. Allison is an experienced pro in painting and decorating and will provide tips ranging from creating faux finishes to turning a glass table into a decorative piece.
  • Rambling Renovators – A classy chronicle in a Toronto couple’s quest to transform their 1950’s, two-story house into a bustling home. Serves as an excellent resource for what one can expect when planning on doing the same.
  • DIY On the Cheap – A blog found on the foundation that you don’t have to spend a fortune to improve the looks and value of your home. The site focuses on home decorating, DIY, and lifestyle related projects and posts with an archive sortable into dozens and dozens of categories.
  • DIY Show Off – A very self-involved do it yourself blog who recently recapped their most in demand projects and posts of the past year. The blog owner Roeschel does a superb job of integrating her personal life as a creator and designer into projects that people can partake in themselves.
  • DoItYourself – Not only a tremendous resource for relevant blog posts such as Winter power tool maintenance tips, but the site also features a user forum with 1,000s of posts about electrical, plumbing, flooring, HVAC, framing, and other home improvement tips with a connection to hundreds of other DIYers and pros.
  • Dans le Lakehouse – A very helpful site for those renovating or remodeling a lakehouse as the blog owners document their updating of their Lake Superior property. Their projects have included renovating a kitchen to creating a walnut and metal plant stand.
  • Design Milk – A visually aesthetic online magazine dedicated to the daily dose of Vitamin D – as in “design.” A highly regarded site with inspirations for homes from the Ukraine to Tel Aviv and everywhere in between.
  • Classy Clutter – Focusing on painting, building, and furniture makeovers, the blog owners Mallory and Savannah do an impressive job of invoking their separate personal tastes regarding organizing, recipes, crafts…and life.
  • House of Smiths – Written from the perspective of a couple with three kids as they explore their love for DIY, crafts, and other projects to turn their house into a home. Tutorials such as a board and batten treatment or Ballard shelves are written in an easy to read manner.
  • The Inspired Room – A blog with credentials after being voted Better Homes & Gardens’ Readers Favorite Decorating Blog in back to back years in 2014 and 2015. Melissa, the blog owner, posts regularly with a beautiful combination of industry trends such as 10 Liveable and Functional Spaces combined with how they affect her home (and yours) such as 4 Tips for a Home Office (My Office).
  • Bower Power – A mother of four boys documents her experiences trying to invoke some estrogen in a household fueled by testosterone.  Katie has a bevy of projects archived on her blog from building a kitchen vent hood to driveway landscaping all written with her unique flair.
  • Build Blog – The Build Blog focuses a lot on home design trends and helps prove or debunk some accepted myths such as needing a gourmet kitchen to entertain or the debate between custom and customized designs.
  • The DIY Dreamer – Christine is a crafter and décor enthusiast that shares home design projects that are affordable and simple – many done with the assistance of her two daughters. She shares personal stories such as surprising her mother with a living room makeover but also gives her professional views on several industry design trends and more.
  • Unique Landscapes – A very professional looking blog geared towards exterior projects in landscaping and pool & spa. The site includes not only features on how to do something (new pool construction process) but also why (benefits of swimming in cold weather). Other cool projects include fire pits, fog systems, pizza stoves, inground trampolines and many more.
  • Apartment Therapy – A powerful user-driven blog that features stories and examples from home and apartment owners from around the world.  The ever expanding group helps deliver home improvement projects, and views that fit diverse tastes from a punk-eclectic home and artist studio to the Southwest inspired one-room cabin.
  • Cold Climate Gardening – A site devoted to giving your home curb appeal whether that’s in July or January. The blog covers all things gardening and how it relates to home property maintenance with posts such as Mowing your Leaves to Pamper Your Plants.
  • Decor8 – An aesthetically pleasing blog that has been going strong for over 10+ years now. Holly’s blog is also a business and a brand now as she documents her professional interior design service and gives tips on how to decorate as well as DIY projects for you to try on your own.
  • Kathy’s Remodeling Blog – Kathy’s site can serve as a homepage of sorts with easy sidebar access to home improvement sites such as Architect Magazine, Energy Star, Remodeling Magazine, the Kitchen Designer and more. Her tagline is “what happens between the before and after” and it uses these sites and user experiences to document various remodeling projects.
  • Garden Rant – Another curb appeal wonderland powered by the voices of 9 professional gardeners as well as numerous guest posts from around the world. An extensive combination of posts and features ranging from the science of gardening, the latest design trends, and green thumb tips from the mouths of experts.
  • House and Garden DIY – Site written from the perspective many home improvement aficionados find themselves in as the owner David purchased a home over five years ago with little to no DIY experience. Most of his posts now are about tips or trends, but they are written in an easy to comprehend manner no matter what your DIY ninja level may be.
  • Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford – Mr. Lipford’s site is chalked full of how-to tips but most importantly 15 to 20-minute videos that accompany the content and provide a visual guidance to tackle such tasks as Winter home prep or installing chair rail molding.
  • Charles and Hudson – A web magazine that has provided home improvement insight for over ten years. Two areas where Charles and Hudson stand out is their devotion to the Smart home technologiesas well as a substantial portion of the site dealing with boots, workwear, and tools.
  • The Family Handyman – TFH is a blog within a comprehensive site that helps home improvement connoisseurs in their journey almost from the basement to attic and every room in between. The blog is mostly an advice blog written by experts that range from best tool discussions to varying insulation practices among hundreds of posts.
  • The Happy Homebodies – A nice blog run by Jordan and Scott, a married couple who has been self-renovating their home since 2010. Like many DIY home improvement aficionados, their hobby has turned into a passion admittedly without the most expertise in the field.
  • Spaceio – This website can serve as inspiration for the home renovator as it is a space where professionals share their designs and projects. Spaceio can perhaps best be described as a high-end Pinterest with devotion to home improvement including everything from feng shui tips to luxurious sofa designs.
  • Brooklyn Limestone – This blog started as a way to document Stefanie’s renovation of a 100+-year-old home but evolved into a creative outlet for the continuing upgrade of that property as well as projects and DIY tips that everybody can incorporate. She features an online tour of the home as well as several do it yourself plans to add allure to any room.
  • Hewn and Hammered – A blog that provides versatility as it features many partnered posts as well as user-submitted photographs and home improvement tips. The regularly updated posts are pertinent to the season such as remodeling projects to do before the holidays or how to get better Winter heating.
  • Centsational Girl – A great example of making the most out of the minimal, Katie is a self-proclaimed bargain hunter and renovation lover who is more inclined to find project material at a thrift store instead of a Home Depot. She shares her tips and tricks on everything from creating a happy staircase to installing a shower door among dozens upon dozens of other projects.

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