Underrated places around Australia that you probably didn’t know of

Australia might be a much-secluded continent but the scenic beauty of this place is worth all the money spent. Every person who visits Australia would always visit the Grand Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House but have you ever wondered about the underrated places in that country?

Given the fact that this country is filled with amazing scenic beauty and landscapes, it is a complete waste of time if someone ends up visiting the same old places. Opt for vacation rentals in Australia and have the time of your life.

In this article, we are going to be diverting our thoughts and focus on the amazing and beautiful underrated tourist destinations in Australia that the majority of travellers are not even aware of.

Rainbow Beach

Doesn’t just the name sound so enticing? If you are on the Fraser Island, chances are that you are going to be aware of the Hervey Bay but are you aware of the Rainbow Beach? The Hervey Bay might be spread around a larger area but the Rainbow beach is better than it in all probable aspects.

The main site of attraction about this beach is the multicoloured sand that is found around the cliffs. Not just that, you can even opt for an amazing experience in the Surf and Sand safaris and have a tour around the Double Island Point Lighthouse.

King’s Canyon

If you are visiting Australia, chances are that you are already aware of the Red Centre Trio, aren’t you? But have you heard the third part of the Red Centre Trio? Majority of the travellers are well versed with Uluru and Kata Tjuta but have often not even heard of the King’s Canyon.

If you are someone who loves greenery and being close to nature, this is the place to be in. A walk through the bottom of the canyon exposes you to the lush and beautiful greenery of the place. While a silent walk around the bottom of the canyon is definitely a once in a lifetime experience, the one around the rim is considered to be more special.

The scenic and picturesque view downwards is contrasting in comparison to the greenery that you witness. The red landscape across the top of the famous George Gill Range is an amazing view if you want to capture the true essence of this place.

The Spit to Manly Walk

If you want to experience a laidback and chill walk, the one from Bondi which is located in Sydney to the Coogee clifftop is considered as one of the most stellar strolls. While this is the majority of what people oftentimes claim to enjoy, the walk between the Spit Bridge and the Manly located on the North Shore is something straight out of a movie.

The stroll is not just a simple one; you get to walk past beautiful waterfalls, deserted beaches and even rocky and offshore clifftops through your journey. The one thing that stands out amidst it all is the Aboriginal rock art which is a must see if you are in Australia. It is like a walk in between a thick forest amidst the city.

The Southern Forests

The Southern Forests which are found neighbouring the several caves and surf beaches has a much more chilled and laidback vibe to it. There are several towns encapsulated between the giant granite boulders and karri trees. Some of the noticeable towns around the area include Denmark, Walpole, and Pemberton.

If you want to explore in the wilderness and capture some authentic yet beautiful moments in the area around, visiting the Southern Forests is a must for you. Comparatively, it has a much cooler climate and is surrounded by famous wineries and other nature drove tour options for you.

The Fleurieu Peninsula

This is one of those places that not many people are even aware of and even if they are, they treat it as the gateway to the Kangaroo Island. It is an amazing tourist destination that offers coastal scenery along with the opportunities to actually spot some wildlife around the place. If you have heard of the Shiraz-tasting McLaren Vale wine region, it is exactly located in this area.

The wine region is often a very less visited place in comparison to the Barossa Valley but the experience here is just as enticing. If you wish to experience nature in its rawest forms, this is one of the places you need to absolute visit. Regarded as the pinnacle of wine tasting region, this is definitely what you need to do before leaving Australia.

The Clare Valley

Barossa Valley, as mentioned in the above point, is often a very commonly visited place in Australia. If you are on the lookout for an alternative to that place, the Clare Valley is just the one you need to visit. It is located a bit up north and is home to a number of microclimates which is why it is perfect for experimentation.

If you wish to enjoy some intimate wine tourism and that on a small scale, Clare is the perfect place for you to visit.

Australia is a beautiful continent that is filled with amazing and several underrated places. If you wish to experience the beauty of this place at its truest and most raw form, it is necessary that you visit the places that one normally wouldn’t. You will always get chances of seeing the common places but these unexplored places are once in a lifetime kind of thing.

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